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Craft Beer Cuisine 

Tahiti and French Polynesia

Situated midway in the Pacific Ocean between South America and Australia, French Polynesia is comprised of 118 islands.

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Caribbean Tour

Ft. Lauderdale to Panama

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Why Craft Beer, Cuisine, and Sailing?

Caribbean Tour: Ft. Lauderdale to the Panama Canal
Sail from Key West to Ft. Lauderdale and help begin the Caribbean tour with stops in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, BVI, USVI, Lesser Antilles... Taste cuisines with roots in Caribbean, French, Dutch, Spanish, African, East Indian and more...


Immerse yourself in scenic coastlines and storied histories on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. Begin an Italian adventure by casting off from the colorful harbor of Procida, a short trip from bustling Pozzuoli. Revel in all the choices that abound as you cruise through the Aegean Sea, take in the Dalmatian Islands or experience the old world charm of Fethiye in Turkey.

South Pacific

Surround yourself with miles of white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and island hospitality. Within a sprawling area of diverse islands, you will find yourself drawn to Tahiti’s pristine diving conditions, Bora Bora’s famous lagoon, and the beautiful temples of Tonga.